Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello everyone so I am sorry I have been gone for so long I have just been busy with a lot of things in live. I am going to be redoing my blog and making it look nicer so hopefully more people will visit also I plan to blog more about my opinions of things and how to cope with certain things in life. I hope you will all bear with me and I will post as soon as I can.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The do's and don'ts of goth fashion for women

I am finally going to be posting something I think more people should be talking about. This is going to be a starting guide for baby bats or anyone that is thinking they finally want to show there spooky side on the outside. I am going to be directing this tords women and girls so i am sorry guys this won't really help you unless of course you wear women's clothing. There will be pictures of what the do's and don'ts are going to look like and a list of online stores you should check out so I hope this helps out a lot of you.

1. When shopping for gothic clothing stay away from anything to baggy so that means tripp pants they don't look good on anyone and are just gross looking. Anything really from tripp is just bad quality and looks tacky so just stay away from it. 

2. Shop every wear and i really do mean that  you will be amazed at what kind of gothy items you can find at stores like h&m , forever 21 or even thrift stores if you look hard enough 

3. black skirts , corsets and nice black button ups always look great 

4. don't shop at hot topic they are way to expensive and that quality sucks you can get way better quality socks , stockings and tops online. 

5. If you don't like skirts try things that make show off your figure like shredded leggings and leather pants and fishnet tops are always a good touch to.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My opinion on Pastel Goth and Nu Goth

       Here is my opinion on Pastel Goth and Nu Goth this is just my opinion i am not saying the  people that wear the clothing are not goth but the fashion itself is not goth.      

     Pastel Goth : Ok so this is the one i dislike the most. I mean listen to how dumb this sounds bats and Tim Burton movies are goth but so is Cute things and pastel hair i mean it makes no sence to me at all. I understand this whole thing might have started as a Japanese fashion or something and it's really cute but it's not goth. I mean they wear things like Lolita skirts with skeleton stockings , big sweaters and punk shoes i mean come on people that's not goth. Just because it has goth in it's name i think it is it's own thing. I mean clearly if your a goth you can see what fits into the goth wardrobe and what does not and this just is one of those things that does not fit.

Nu goth - I have a big problem with this but not as much as i do with pastel goth. I mean there is a reason Cyber goth is goth and this is not. Nu goth is wear people take ( this is just my opinion) the ugliest clothing from from forever 21 and h&M and only bye them because they are black. Most people only do it because they think it loos cool and they think it makes them edgy and they know nothing about the goth culture. 

I do like H&M and i believe if you really look hard you can find things to go with your outfits there but you already have to know about goth before just walking in and bye everything because it is black again these were just my opinions

Here is pictures of Pastel Goth and nu goth so you know what i am talking about

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Blog

hello everyone this is my new blog :) I have a Tumblr but i thought i would like to make one of these as well. I will be blogging about things i care about like the goth subculture , clothing reviews and other reviews on things i bye , video games , movies and just other general things i feel like ranting about. I have been trying to make youtube videos but i feel like people follow me more if i just make blogs. I hope you will follow me and enjoy my blog :)

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